Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Prathiksha - Is this what happens when you love :

It has been a real pity to see one more suicide by yet another lover but this time it is a film start who was introduced by the ace director bharathiraja. The point to think upon is that , do we really expect this from love ?. Certainly no !!!.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Naiyandi Dharbar - A show to look forward

Yuhi Sethu was doing extremely well for the last 2 and half years . His show Naiyandi Dharbar was in the top 10 rating of ratings. But after Star TV took over Vijay, ND was stopped and Yuhi started doing a wekly show for Jaya TV. Now when vijay is not able to hold its viewers eyes with its petty themed serials, is broadcasting a show called "The Best of Naiyandi Dharbar" showing classic shows of ND. These are repeat ones but tey still attract viewers. Will Yuhi do the magic again ? but before that we shall wish Yuhi Sethu all the best for PanchaThanthiram ( where is a co-starring with Kamal ) where he is sporting a french beard.

Monday, February 25, 2002

Kannthil Muthamittal - A conglomerate of the best

Mani Ratnam reacreates movie magic...again!!! . A detailed review is on the way .
The Hindu calls him mature . Today Anandha Vikatan gave 49 out of 100 and commented it to be one of mani's boldest and best. And Kumudam salutes the ace director with a interesting interview with mani ratnam.

Thats Mani!!!

Till then... have a nice time !!!

Rajini's BABA - The Big Daddy is back :
Rajini has announced his latest and might be the last movie baba. So whats big abou that ???. This is gonna be a movie with rajni in political glasses and make the ruling party stumble on their mistakes. The music director might ARR and also starring by aish and sneha. Thats the usual story that you might have read but what is interesting is rajini has written the script for the movie and the movielines are based on a true story. Will BABA be another BASHA ?. thats a real hot question to be asked to suresh krishna and Rajini.
Andipatti Elections - as expected:
Jayalalitha as expected comes back. but have the virtues changed . these people of tamil nadu deserve the best from her or from anyone who is in the throne. all those whacky emails about mummy returns back have come true but will she be the godmother of the contemporaries .. Lets wait for a while !!!

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