Friday, November 29, 2002

Flying Coffins and a Defense minister :

The vivacious Shobha De's letter to the defensive defense minister on increasing MiG-21 crashes, is remarkable. Read the No excuses, please column for more.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Sachin gets STUMPED

Ace Cricketer Sachin along with the Superstar Kapil Dev and the backup wicketkeeper cum next-to-be-skipper Dravid are posed to act in a movie with Raveena. The movie is produced by Raveena herself and named as Stumped. Also *ing Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh and Ravi Shastri.

Stumped director Pandey said: "We're looking at parallels between two battlefields -- cricket and war. Stumped is an interplay on the no-man's land between these two battlefields. It's about how the common man gets sucked into both 'wars'." . Stumped will look at the hidden ironies behind cricket and war."

After all its worth getting stumped by/for Raveena.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Solla Marantha Kathai[The Story Untold] about Illayaraja :

Illayaraja has been in controversy during recent times. In his book release function, Poet Puviyarasu had something to say about Illayaraja's writing prose for some easy poetic literature, which made Illayaraja extremely upset. Illayaraja then went up to speak, but wasn't able to proceed and left the function crying!!. Even when the poet was apologetic, he didn't turn around to come back.

Now Illayaraja is again in news for filing a case against a author who had written some unacceptable personal things about him in a book called Illayarajavum Isaismozhium[Illayaraja and his language of music].

To be amidst news isn't new for the musical genius, but not this side of life. His latest Solla Marantha Kathai[The Untold Story] is an runaway success and tamil world expects a come back.

But the good news for Illayaraja fans is that his composition for Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu is the No.1 in BBC World Service Top Tenof all times. A R Rahman too has his share in top ten of the list with his Vanthe Matharam and Chaiya Chaiya being #4 and #6 respectively.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Lazy Read

Read Shashi Tharoor's Column on Infosys and Saibaba compared.

Link : Reality - spiritual and virtual

Thursday, November 14, 2002

LAZYGEEK means...

Lifelike Artificial Zombie Yearning for Galactic Exploration and Efficient Killing
Pair Up, Gear Up & Cheer Up !!

Mani Ratnam, undisputedly the best director in India and Kamalhassan, undisputedly the best acting actor in India are gearing up to pair up in their next blockbuster after Nayakan. A wish of all good-cinema-lovers for long time becomes a reality.

This news has been in rumor for quite sometime when they both wished to break their silence in the cassette release function of Mounam Pesiyathey (Silence talks !!). Answering a question as to when Mani and Kamal would come together for a movie again, Mani said "Soon!" and Kamalhassan took the mike from him and said "Very Soon!!".

Mani Ratnam is working on the script of an english movie called Dragon Fire. The novel written by Humphrey Hawksley, one of the BBC's most distinguished and experienced foreign correspondents. Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Mani Ratnam together formed a production company, Crossover Movies. This would get probably delayed because of his next venture with Kamalhassan.

Both these news have come in the last 3 weeks and my guess is that Kamal and Ratnam would pair up for this Dragon Fire. This would probably elevate Kamal as an international actor and also take Ratnam to bigger heights. If this news is announced, it would be the biggest buzz of the year and all the eyes on would be both these gentlemen to make it to Oscars. Oscars has been kamal's long term dream and this would probably be his best try. Much has been said about Mani Ratnam whose directorial talent is renown. I am too impressed with his story telling capabilities that I am even sure of an Oscar for him from this movie.

Friday, November 08, 2002

Hey what happened to you, Are u caught by the Virus ???

Hey!! Hey!! Enna aachu unakku [Hey, what happened to you] is the most talked about song in the Tamil world. A R Rahman coming back with his youthful tune and Vasundra Das rocking the teenagers world with her shakalaka voice in the movie Kadhal Virus. Similar song to the one in Nayak [Mudhalvan in Tamil], this has a hip-hop tune and in the lyrics the girl asking her guys to be of certain principles and qualities, many of them are youthful and some really useful.

This is A R Rahman's come back music after Bombay Dreams because his music for Baba [Rajinikanth's latest movie] was criticized for lack of attention given to songs and background score. The movie also sports 5 more songs each of a different variety. TR Simbu, the latest addition to the youngster heroes in tamil has contributed a techno song to this movie called 'Bailamore'. 'Vaannila' by Srinivas and Karthik is the next best after 'Sonnalum' in the melodious mood rendered by Unnikrishnan and Harini. SP Balasubramanian with his evergreen voice also comes back after some time with a melodramatic 'Enthan Vaanin'.

Kadhal Virus is the most expected movie with Kathir’s direction. His previous movies have been trendsetters like Idhayam[Heart], Kadhal Desam[World of Love] and Kadhalar Dinam[Valentines Day]. However it is a feast for A R Rahman lovers.
Retail Renaissance:

Writer Shobha De fondly remembers the time when she would, along with her mother, painstakingly plan and prepare Diwali sweets. "Today I buy mine from Satish Ladoos," she says, adding: "I feel sad at the passing away of an era when I see the crass commercialisation of a beautiful festival."

The above para was lifted from Nidhi's cover story in India Today. And what a statement it is with asheer understanding of the descending standards of modern mankind, especially in India. These much hyped retail merchants in all forms hijack festivals. In Chennai, right from the textile retaillers to the pizza merchants everyone hypes their products and tries to push it through to the public.

The buying power of the current generation has increased ten fold and the push is more than what could be grabbed by them. Chennai was once considered to be a conservative city. But with the silicon revolution, the city has grown into a multi-faceted, multi-cultutal market for retail industry.

Last week when I was at Spencer's I had peeped inside Landmark (a vast bookstore and music shop) to see what they are upto. They have some of the best collection of books and music. Music was selling hot cakes while a few serious readers were around the literary section. But the variety of music is just too much. Their collection ranges BoneyM to Bombay Dreams and a wide range of unheard IndyPop. Really welcoming but what worries me is the hype thats created around the music and on the electronic gadgets that are sold.

Least used feature in a electronic gadget is hyped to be the latest technological invention by the manufacturer and prized one and half times more than the previous version. A Dvd player sold at Rs.25K plugged in with the latest technology and with some exotic 'unwanted' features becomes invalid if I stops playing in-between a movie. I would rather prefer a mid-range player that has minimum features, which is not-so-technologically advanced that can play a movie with ease. Mobile phones are better examples in this regard. Nokia 3330 was pushed with a hype that WAP can be used with ease. None of the cellular providers in chennai give WAP connectivity. So someone who has bought Nokia 3330 for some 12K is using it to the same extent as I use my Nokia 3310 bought for 6K.

This would become a balanced market, when the manufacturers listen to what customer wants. Till then this hype creates a hole in our pocket.

If you are a India Today subscriber read Nidhi's Diwali Dhamaka.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Crazy !!! Crazy !! Crazy !!

Disguised in the form of cultural experience, a cannibal act happens in a Japanese restaurant.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Sachin celebrates diwali at Eden Gardens

Though this being a old news as far as an Indian cricket fan is concerned, I think Sachin Tendulkar has celebrated a better thought about diwali this year at Eden Gardens with his 31st century. But his celebrations have gone past that century.

Now don't pounce on me after hearing this. It’s a general feeling that apart from square cutting Dillon's bowling, Sachin is all out to play the political chess with Indian skipper Ganguly. My assumption is that there is a subtle egoistic clash going on between Ganguly and Tendulkar.

A couple of weeks back Sachin came out of the shell, to convey that he would like to play in the opening slot again. Personally, he has missed a bunch of centuries and a heap of records, which he could have broken if he were to play in the opening slot. And Ganguly moves of making Sehwag on par with Sachin would have irritated him badly. I am sure Sachin has a superb temperament. But with a lot of speculation in the media on Ganguly's plan for Sehwag, its tough to keep up to your principles.

Now due to hamstring injury Sachin is going to miss 7 long one-dayers with W.Indies. That’s a huge loss for his personal records and also for India. But nobody seems to have been worried due to his injury. Everybody looks forward to Sehwag anxiously. And if Sehwag fails in this series, its Ganguly who will face the issues.

Now as the media hypes these issues, there is a chance of India not being the favorites for the World Cup 2003. Since Sachin and Sehwag being the favorites for the opening slot, the strategy should be to make both of them open the one-dayers in the next New Zealand series. Good if it works out well, probably we can manage the same partnership for the World Cup too. We might arguably miss the right hand - left hand combination of Sehwag - Ganguly but that’s the trade-off for a match winning partnership.

We will have to wait and see who gets a checkmate. I hope not it is we...

Note : By the time I finished typing this, India lost its first one-day match against W.Indies. Agarkar becomes one more Chetan Sharma( he gave away a sixer in the last ball against Pakistan in a Sharjah Final) by giving away 4 runs in the last ball of today's match.
Geeks Rule, AGAIN !!!
And heck, finally geeks rule again. The US DOJ has passed a bill that makes extension for H-1Bs much easier than what they were. Initially if one can only extend their H-1B once in succession. Now has relaxed this H-1Bs can apply for extensions without regard to the ability to file an immigrant petition by the end of the sixth year.

The immigration laws previously required non-US medical students to go back to their country for minimum two years before they can apply for green card status. Due to lack of qualified doctors, now this is also relaxed but the catch is that they need to serve out 3 years in the area which is assigned to them by the US government.

It is a welcoming move from US at this scenario when there is declining belief in the growth of high-tech sector amongst IT students and workers in India.

And so we geeks get a chance again to rule the world. so RULE !!! Link via: Economic Times

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