Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Rumbumbum :
I am writing a column for Dhwanii, an e-zine for music lovers and a journal of indian music and world music. I titled the column as Rumbumbum, a little jazzy name to explain its all about the film music. I ain't subbudu or some music critic so I don't write about music critcism. Just a commentary of contemporary and flashback film music with a balanced tone.

Offlate, I'm listening too much of illayaraja and I am convinced he is thorough maestro with a genius in him. Its like a journey through the past years that I've grown up listening to him allover.

Currently -
Listening : Yethetho Ennam from Punnagai Mannan.
Reading : Madhan's Vandhargal Vendrargal for the second time. It's the best of mughal history in tamil, ever published.

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