Monday, September 29, 2003

Read between the lines

I am on an obsessive, compulsive blog-o-mania trip. I feel like writing all that I can, to my heart's content.

Now, you guys read between the lines and my mind. Tomorrow is the month-end and tons of jobs at stake on my little PC. So I am trying to be an escapist here. I know, I can't. Anyway, had a refreshing weekend at office, to put it very politely.

Listening : Devadhayai Kanden and Thodhu Varuma. Both the songs have fantastic lyrics and incidentally they are solo songs so that you keep humming them always.

Reading : The script of Steven Spielberg Saving Private Ryan. It's vivid and sheer magic.

Watched: When Harry met Sally, Jerry Maguire, You've Got Mail and The American President. I've watched all of them numerous times before. Jerry Maguire is my most fav. But I also like When Harry met Sally for it's realistic dialogues and ofcourse the vibrant Billy Crystal. If you think I am on a spree of watching romantic movies, blame TNT and TBS for that.

Also watched Captain's Thennavan for the first few minutes and wrapped it. All Tamil movie lovers have this technique of deciding the movie worth from the first few scenes. Thanks to the silly repetitive directors. This one was one such movie and I waved a Bye, Bye within moments of its start.
Get into Karishma's wedding menu here. See what the Kapoor's family is eating now. Huh !!

Rediff has gone kinky in fighting competition with Indiatimes. So they let out their reporters all over and publish all kind of weird stories, those guys can come up with. One such, the most-important-news-of-the week is Karisma's mouth-watering wedding menu. Read it. Enjoy it but can't taste it.
What should India's strategy be in Australia?

Strategy? First they should have the right ingredients. To compete in Australia you need three sound openers and three geniune fast bowlers. I am sorry, India doesn't have them. It's not only in Australia alone. Look what happened to them in New Zealand. Take it from me, India will never win an overseas tour except in Sri Lanka unless the above issues are addressed.

Does it hurt you but it sounds very true to me. Read more of Geoffrey Boycott's swashbuckling interview on his recent throat cancer and the indian openups. This guy is real wacky!!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Is Dhanush Vulnerable ?

Manmatha Rasa Dhanush's hatrick with Thiruda Thirudi is creating rockers all over. I haven't yet watched Thiruda Thirudi but I am amazed by the way The Hindu praised him in their review. As he has lined up the next twelve new movies back to back, he has more responsibilities to shoulder. The most important is how he chooses his stories in the movies to come. One movie down and he will be yet another nine-hour newcomer.

Choosing roles and stories when are you in the pinnacle seems to be the toughest task in Kollywood. Especially when producers are hungry for superhits and silver jubliees. If you look back in the history of kollywood, there are more such disasters.

Kamalhassan for example started choosing his roles after some time of his career. When he chose to act in the Sigappu Rojakkal and Raja Paarvai(was his own production), he was completely differentiating himself from his contemporaries. Along came the AVM banner. He signed up to act in AVM's Sakalakala Vallavan. Sakalakala Vallavan was a simple yet sure-shot-success story. With enough masala items to add like that silk smitha song and the path breaking Illamai Itho song, it was a super dooper hit. 175 days. Happy. Very Happy. But what happened to the Kamalhassan. He was lost in that masala items that it completely changed the history of Tamil cinema. Atleast for the next 25 to 30 films he was roped for such silly scripts and the path breaking actor's path was broken. With the smell of success that Sakalakala Vallavan gave, he was forced in such movies again. He quoted in an interview that it was the toughest job to break away from that clout of masala roles. His wait extended till Chippikkul Muthu which tore away the romantic boy face mask.

Even the Super Star Rajinikanth was in that loop but he chose his way to be a people's actor and he was successful. After watching Mahendran's Mullum Malarum and Johnny, I am sure that we lost one of the greatest actors of all times and boxed him to a black box as a super star.

You might not agree with me as I quote examples which are decades old. But I have a recent example of Vikram. With Vikram coming to the limelight in Sethu and Kasi, he was called as an heir to Kamalhassan. Incidentally, he was hailed from Kamalhassan's native Paramakudi. And yes, became a heir to Kamal. The same AVM roped Vikram for Gemini and here he is. Followed by King, Samurai, Dhool and Sami, SHOW ME VIKRAM. SHOW ME WHERE HE IS!!. The O! Podu magic is still working out. It's good to see Vikram raising up to reach the top. But at the same time it worries to have lost a great actor amidst all these hungama of masala movies. Though Vikram does justice to his movies by his versatile performances, he has better caliber than used. Vikram is awaiting his break through Bala's Pitha Mahan. I am not sure if Pitha Mahan would fulfill Vikram's dreams of breaking the masala mask. But let's just hope it does.

AVM as a production company has been a pioneer of great film experiments. They were the ones who brought cinema to the masses but this side of AVM is certainly disappointing. Though these may not be voluntary actions, the repurcussions last much longer.

Though Dhanush is still young and naive, he can afford to act as the romantic boy for the next 25 movies. But times are changing. Staying as a super star for decades are history. People who reach to the top, skate down with the same speed. Hence to stay ahead in the race, every movie becomes an acid test. If Dhanush falls a prey for the hype and the virtual animosity that media is creating between him and Simbhu, he'll be out. All we could wish and hope is a great career for this kid.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Arnold's Total Recall ?

He was certainly at his best but he was outwitted. The terminator man was about to terminated except his onliners saved him ahead of others in the recall debate that happened between the candiates of california's recall election.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, belonging to the republican party accomplished whatever he wanted by appearing confident and info savvy. But he was short of being specifics. While his competitor Peter Camejo of the Green party was conversing like a financial expert, this super star believed and lived with the catchy one liners. One of them was when Arianna Huffington, a writer and a canidate said " We know how you treat women". He replied saying " Huh!! I have a perfect role for you in Terminator 4". Arianna couldn't resist laughing loud for that. And what a deep voice he has. It was just like how he said in Terminator, I'll be back.

But he busted when he replied to Democratic party candidate Cruz Bustamante. Arnold said " I don't know what you are talking about?". Cruz replied saying " You probably don't know many things".

Peter Camejo's thoughtful words were internationally applicable. He was last night's darling of the intellectuals. Here is what he said in y'days debate. "It is amazing that you will never say that the wealthiest people should at least pay the same tax rate as the average person. You will never say those words. And in fact, you've been raising the taxes on the poorest people, who pay the highest tax rate. And I am the only candidate saying; cut taxes on 60 percent of our people that are overpaying. I'm the only one who says it. But I want the rich to pay their fair share."

My guess is either Cruz Bustamente or Peter Camejo would win the Sacremento office, Arnold might have a last minute chance of winning due to his super star image. It could be Arnold's Total Recall 2.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Romeo and Juliet. Dead. Who's to be blamed:

Just as I do the first thing every morning, I switched on the TV, this saturday. To my weekend surprise!!, Franco Zeffirelli's version of Romeo and Juliet was about to start. What else would a movie buff like me do other than making a cup of coffee and get stuck before the TV. This 1968 super hit flick is considered as the best adaptation of Shakespeare's tragic play, Romeo and Juliet. This story of love and tragedy is best read than to be seen. But Zeffirelli's experienced hand on period films makes this one too a magnetic screening.

It's said that back in 1968 there was a lot of confusion in air when Zeffirelli casted two unknown teenagers as protagonists. The impulsive 17 year old Leonard Whiting as Romeo and the stunning, voluptuous and magnetic 15 year old Olivia Hassey as Juliet. I could well imagine how teenagers would have drooled over her those days. Eventually they became icons of their age, later. Carrying this larger than life characters, these naive teenagers wade through the movie along with the powerful screenplay and rest in your hearts.

Just having the right cast does not make a masterpiece. It only makes it possible. As Romeo sees (not meets..he trespasses into the party) Juliet in the party, he whispers the first sentence as She doth teaches the torches to burn bright. With the same intense passion kisses her on her hands behind the pillar. Oh! boy, there you go. With a poetic class, Zeff takes us through the rest of roller coaster ride. A plethora of emotions glide before you in a flash all involving love-at-first-sight, all-consuming love, passion, denial, love lost, sacrifice and unconditional love. While unconditional love is still a question to be answered, Olivia and Leonard makes this emotion seem very possible. Reminds me of Kannalanae song in Mani Ratnam's Bombay.

Zeffirelli brings the typical Shakespearian Verona before us and also the true-to-life characters of Shakespeare. Friar Laurence (Milo O'Shea) character amazes me. As the priest of the church, he helps Romeo and Juliet and as the climax strikes in, he runs outside the cellar in the fear of being executed by the prince. That is a practical characterization. Michael York as the much pompous tybalt, the typical villain and a honest swordsman. Zeffirelli's liberties over the script and dialogues of this play must have made the literary critics run from pillar to post. But then that is what people love to see. Especially the balcony scene when Romeo couldn't stop looking at Juliet for a second and Juliet experiencing the love from her heart for the first time is unseen before. This scene clearly crosses the international standards and makes an impact. The character of nurse looks like a sandwiched character for fun in the movie. Other than this everyone seems to be in place.

Pasqualino De Santis, the cinematographer won an Oscar for this film. I am sure he deserves it. Especially those sudden steady-cam-like shots when Romeo comes running over to Juliet in the church was classy. And also the market place stunt when Romeo kills tybalt in a sword fight was fierce with mud flying all over and people making huge noises, was notable.

This movie gave the completeness of watching Romeo and Juliet. The 1996 version of Romeo + Juliet directed by australian director Baz Luhrmann (director of Moulin Rouge) was more dramatized and was a modern day gangster depiction. It could be re-named Romeo And A Shot Gun. Leonardo Di Caprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet were appealing till now. I watched this in '96 Woodlands theatre, Chennai. Though the audience were ok, but the flashiness couldn't be overseen and finally during the climax when Di Caprio pops in the poison, the audience started laughing and the whole emotional drama became a slapstick comedy. I still appreciate Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, for it was a combo of modern day music with a backdrop of an emotional epic. He was still able to get around the difficult anachronisms and was able to prove Romeo and Juliet lived in the modern day Florida.

Whatsoever, I was stunned by Zeffirelli's picturization of climax. Romeo dies of poisoning himself and Juliet wakes up from her long sleep to see her beloved husband dead. She tries to kiss his mouth to get a drop of poison so she could also be dead. His mouth is warm and there is no poison left for her to die. She gets tensed as she could hear the voices of kingsmen around, finds Romeo's short knife, punchers her heart with it and dies. A well known climax but it was still heart-breaking. Who should be blamed for this death of Romeo and Juliet ?. Is it the dogmatism of Montague and Capulet families or the rebellious Romeo and Juliet who were in love with the concept of just falling in love or the priest friar laurence who could have suggested a better idea than this to save the couples. None. Except the man, Shakespeare. Yes !!, He is to be blamed for killing this star crossed lovers.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Bye Bye Friends :

Wait. Wait. I am not giving up this blog so fast. It's the farewell to the American Megaserial FRIENDS.

The sitcom that has made to laugh our bellies out is getting done with this season. Fall Season Premiere of Friends begins next week and after that I am going to miss it thoroughly. With Joey and Rachel (fav Jennifer Aniston) kissing each other the friends are getting connected as each one of them finding their romantic hookup.

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), sketches the typical bubbly girl and is a real darling of humor not to forget the fastidious Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow). By the way, they say the friends characters are psychological. Each one of us have a bit of them. I am more Ross Geller and bit like Phoebe( The one in far left and the one next to him). What Friends character are you?

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Google Code Jam 2003 : Tough problems. Intense competition. No pressure.

Google is bowling a googly again. This time it is to the rugged coders. Google Code Jam 2003, is a coding contest which is essentially a timed, Internet-based test of programming skills. Leaving out the first prize of $10000, it might be also a lucarative oppurtunity to fetch you a job in google labs. You can use Java, C++, C# or VB.NET languages to solve the problems.

The top 500 coders selected from first round will be made to form a group of 10 in virtual rooms. All of them will be presented with the same set of three problems of escalating difficulty. The accurate solution in the shortest time just as a racy screenplay is awarded first place.

The challenge phase relies on breaking-code funda where each opponent is made to see other opponent's code and pass test conditions to break it. Successful challenges score points and unsuccessful ones have points deducted. This seems to me as the most interesting and thrilling part as there is a head-on collision between coders.

Registration for the Google Code Jam 2003 opens on October 1st and ends on October 15th, 2003. Registration is unlimited, but only the top 500 scorers from the Qualification Round will advance to Round 1 of the Code Jam 2003 on October 24th.

TopCoder, a technology company specializing in programming tournaments, is helping google in creating a series of problems for programmers to solve.

Check out the official CODE JAM 2003 page. Also the google's page about this contest.

Just a chance for a chance :

I can see the sun rays sparkling high above the dome of twin towers which travels at a lightining speed and blinds my eyes... I close my eyes..drifting away in my dreams…

I can hear a feeble sound of music coming from a distance... THIRU THIRUDA..THIRU THIRUDA..THEENCHUVAI NAANADA.

"dey avana wudungada" - the smile of now SUSI GANESAN fades out in slow motion shot.

Writen by Senthil, my closest friend, a compulsive film lover, an aspiring director and a pass-out from MIT Chennai wanted to share his thoughts of Madras Institute of Technology with his immediate senior Susi Ganesan. Susi Ganesan, is none but the director of hit flick Five Star and an assistant to Mani Ratnam. Senthil is currently in Malaysia, coding in Java and Beans instead of camera and actors.

Senthil has writen a letter to Susi about his first days in MIT, his 'encounters' with fellow seniors and how he came to know about Susi becoming the director of Five Star. It's more like a well written script than a letter-to-the-friend. Heck. You got it right!!. He also takes this oppurtunity to ask for a chance of working with Susi Ganesan hoping that Susi will find this letter in this better-bitter-internet. Hope he gets it.

Read the letter here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Boys tells it like it is! :

My Boys review is in rediff now. Read it here. But unfortunately a portion of that is edited. I know why.

Monday, September 15, 2003

vesukindra thendraley, vellai illai nindru po
pesukindra vennilla, pennmai illai oyindhu po
poo valartha thottamey, koondhal illai theerndhu po
bhoomi paarkum vaanamey, pulliyaaga theyindhu po
paavai illai paavai...

this post repeats, time and again.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

The Hindu, India's leading news daily is completing 125 years of sheer journalism. It has put together a special supplement that celebrates the history and the culture this newspaper. Before you jump into the ocean of these articles check out Editor-in-chief N.Ram's editorial. He is one of my most favorite journalists.

Excerpts from R.K.Narayan's short stories published in Hindu is also put together as Malgudi in Madras. Take a spin.

If you are a south indian, I am sure The Hindu has played a role in your growing up. It is the only newspaper that gives me the feel of a newspaper. I have many times tried to read other newspapers but after that I come back and read Hindu. 'Cause only then the feeling of complete comes back. It's an awesome feeling to read Hindu every morning as I sip the filter coffee.

Shobha De once wrote in her column that The Hindu has a bad online presence due to it's lack of design in the online version. Accepted. With Ram getting promoted as Editor-in-Chief, he promised that he would try to improve their online presence. I hope they would rectify this in the near future.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Thiruvasakam In Symphony :

Illayaraja is all set to launch his long time aspiration, Thiruvasakam Symphony. Thiruvasakam, a divine Tamil literatute of south India is one of the most philosophical compositions of Manikavasagar. One God, Universal Brotherhood, Attaining Liberation through Love, and Immortality of the soul were its goals. Its english version was written by Rev. G.U Pope, Rome before a century. More on Thiruvasakam here.

The music recording is planned in the month of November at Hungary. The same place where Raja recorded his first symphoney and the Kamalhassan's HEY RAM. The Hungarian Orchestra is well reknown for their class in symphony music. Raja is getting ready for the recording with some of the best singers from India.

Mastro Ilaiyaraaja Fans Club, an online fan club has donated more than 1.3 lakhs for this major project. It's a fair deal of money by his true followers. Appreciate their love on Raja.

I was into this news incidentally when me and a group of friends were listening to Raja's Nothing But Wind. Nothing but wind is nothing but magic. I am so amazed how he could use the only flute to create emotions ranging from agony to pain to sensuality to scary. His last symphony was never released in India. I am sure this one will be released with a lot of publicity. He is still the only maestro, rocking.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Shankar's Boys Movie Review : Maathi Yosi, That’s what we say (Think Different)

(Read from the 2nd paragraph if you aren't familiar with Tamil)

Inga panam illaama irukara ovvoru payanukkum padippu kedaikanum,
Padippu ezhaingalukku etta kaniyakida kudathunu thaan sir naan ippadi paninen - Gentleman


Naattaiye azhikera oru governor irundha enna illana enna - Kadhalan


Podhupanithurai, Pokuvarathuthurai, Kalvi, Sugadhaaram, Minsaram ippadi
ella thurailayum lanjam vaangi vaangi naatai seer kedhututeenga - Indian


Indha America cosmetics ellam nekku pidikaathu. enakku therinchathellam thallaikku seiyakkai, udambukku manjal thool. Please itha ellam edhutundu poidungoo - Jeans


Enakku thevayellam ettu mani nera thookam, poo pola naalu idli, pudhina chatney, mansakku niraivana vellai, appa ammavoda oru kai rummy, pooncholai kiramathilai oru azhaghana ratchashi - Mudhalvan


And now BOYS.

Completing half-a-dozen movies successfully with BOYS is the whiz kid Shankar. Brought up in the neighborhoods of Chennai and having done his schooling and college in Chennai, this is shankar's wish to celebrate the coming of the age of adolescence. His boldness to describe BOYS as they are has helped him to come out of his pedestrian fantasy movies.

Keeping out the controversies of the media to the end of this review, Boys is a movie with no false pretensions, no intended puns and a no-nonsense movie. Even if you have the smallest nail in the world, I can write the story on it. Five guys and a girl find their hidden talents due to unforeseen situations and take an elevator to their career. The thread that unites them is friendship and love. What begins as a small time eve teasing ends up in a relationship that displays a spectrum of emotions, debacles and re-unions.

Sidharth playing the quasi-hero, leaves a distinctive influence of a typical lover boy in us. Harini playing the full-time heroine is the most natural of all the characters. To use an often used cliche, amazingly brilliant performance. Not a typical heroine to just run around those lavender farms. To our surprise, she often gives a FINGER. Good one.

The other BOYS have done their best and 'natural acting' comes so easily to them. That innocent looking Kumar has given a flambuyoant performance. Vivek as Mangalam sir is a typical drunkard whom we find in every other bar in Chennai. He has downplayed his comic sense to match the character. The surprise is senthil's cameo role. It is a sure shot shankar punch to explain Information is wealth through a most unassuming character of senthil. Glimpses of classic characterization.

A loosely written screenplay has let down shankar's ambition of unfolding the carpet of The Pimple Age. Nearly the first half of the movie is spent to wade through the life of collegers. But there is honesty in the depiction. Every mischief of these boys is nothing but true. None of them has the slightest exaggeration. From girls to cigarettes to beers to porno movies to 'first experiences' do happen in the life of a college guy. Trying to pack all these mischief’s among these five boys made the boys look like bad exceptions of the college crowd. Though everyone who has gone through that phase could feel a pinch of them in these boys. If you can't, write-off, you are an exception.

A R Rahman has added his part to the celebration. Seven songs which are certainly the best of tamil music, this year. Vaali's lyrics for the Secret of Success is the best of all. The small songs, which haven’t appeared in the CDs, are worth a mention. ARR - Shankar combination is known for fantastic BGMs like Ni Sa Ri Sa in jeans etc.. ARR has not done his best in BGMs for Boys like what he did for the songs. Not a single BGM stays back in our minds.

Writer Sujatha's down-to-earth dialogues forms the core of the movie. Bringing in the local taminglish lingo of chennai has been a cakewalk for him. The punch comes when harini replies to her father, who ditched his lover for wealth. She says " You kept my name as harini because it was your ex-girlfriends name. You are still living in thoughts of her. I don't want to repeat you. I cannot ditch my boyfriend (munna) and then keep my son's name as munna". Listen to these lines with the context and you would appreciate it. Except for some dialogues, which are explicit, sujatha proves he is a clean observer of surroundings. The wineshop scene where the boys meet mangalam sir is typical. Dialogues like OTMP are very common in the badly lit, improperly maintained wineshops of chennai.

The proper villains of BOYS are the unwanted graphics. Trying his hand on 3D animation Shankar spoils the quality of songs. The BOOM BOOM song is the biggest let down. The 3D animated character of BOYS in-between this song is horrible. It spoiled the feel and the sets of the song. Those unwanted graphic leaves during ALE ALE are also irritating to the core. How can someone like shankar afford to include such cheap animation in the picturesque Tasmania gardens? Also Ravi K Chandran has done an OK job. Not like the powerful shots in Kannathil Muthamitaal.

Shankar's over-confidence in his art of selling situations to audience has failed this time. Many scenes including the climax look very ordinary without any build-up sequences. Especially that most artificial scene where all the parents meet together just to hear the often-repeated dialogue that television spoils the kids, from vivek. If 22 crores was the original spending for boys, it's a lavish waste of money.

Coming back to the controversies created by the HYPOCRITIC media and a portion of public who argue that the many scenes in BOYS are obscene and vulgar in nature. Go back a couple of years in the cinema history. The same Chennai had a special screening of Deep Mehta’s Fire exclusively for women in Anand theatre. What a movie to have special screening for women. Surprisingly the show was housefull. A movie that depicts an illegitimate relationship (this type of relationship is still illegitimate in India) between two women, in the same conservative Indian society, is running full houses. But a movie that depicts the lives of five boys as they are is protested to be cut left, right and center to accommodate public interest. Appreciate the height of bias. I'll have the last laugh. Despite the shortcomings, just for the honesty of filmmaking, I support BOYS. Do you ?

P.S: Read it in Rediff, here

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Dieters choice :

Along came a group of friends with me the Burger King to hog some burgers. One of my diet conscious friend ordered : Grilled DOUBLE Cheeseburger and a DIET Coke. Diet huh !!

Friday, September 05, 2003

Hurray !! We guys are getting ready to watch the United States Grand Prix 2003 in Indianapolis on Sep 28th. A couple of my friends have already booked the seats. We are still trying for a gallery ticket, atleast. I never even thought in my wildest dreams that I can witness a Formula 1 especially when Schumacher is right there in pole position.

All of us we let down when he crashed at 150 mph while testing in monza. But this report says he will be fit for the forthcoming race. Lets hope that we can make it.
Scoop...Scoop and more Scoop :

Today's dinamalar has the best scoop about Boys preview show. It says the tamil superstar rajnikanth who came for the preview show, sent his daughters back home after the first half hour of Boys movie. The best part of the news is that even writer sujatha's( the dialogue writer of boys) wife went home after an hour of the movie in a seperate car.

The worst breakdown for Shankar is being compared with Selvaraghavan for the genuinity of Boys story. But this news says that after thulluvatho illamai released shankar dumped 55 thousand feet of film which he had shot and shot back 4 lakh feet of movie again. FYI : Only 16,000 feet is required for an entire movie.

All this news and scoops only triggers my interest to watch the movie. A perfect audience for this movie is my cousin who is just in his first year of his engineering. All he has to say is that except the first half of the movie which contains these vulgar-reality stuff the movie was an excellant watch. Infact he cried during the second half of the movie when the boys find their way through the hardship. With this judgement, I am sure that shankar has achieved what he wanted to. His target audience are the college grads and he has won their acceptance.

The Hindu's review is also pretty subtly hinting about the failure of Boys to provide a compelling story. Read it here.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Yuva - The Mani Ratnam Extravaganza :

Rumours in air that the latest Mani Ratnam flick is named as Yuva in Hindi. *ing Abishek, Vivek and Ajay Devgan it has been put to hold and the crew awaits Vivek's healing from the unfortunate accident on the banks of hooghly river in kolkatta.

As a measure to cut the production costs, Mani bounced back from the shock of Vivek's accident and started shooting Ayudha Ezhuthu. Leaving no room for any newsleaks to the media, the shooting takes place in an anonymous place in chennai. This is Mani's way of functioning from the beginning of his career.

Abhishek Bacchan plays the brat in Yuva while the same role is performed by the hot drool-stuff Madhavan in tamil. Ajay Devgan is again getting a role of his career as an intellectual rebel. In a rediff interview he describes his character as strong, energetic who thinks he can bring a change in society. That role is supposedly done by Surya in tamil. Boys fame Sidharth plays the role of Vivek Oberoi in the tamil version.

After burning his fingers in the Sandiyar controversy, it is believed that Kamalhassan is following the footsteps of Mani to cut the media from the shooting spot to avoid any more pack-ups. Kamalhassan is shooting Virumandi aka Sandiyar in the campa-cola campus located in guindy where a major part of Rajni's Baba was shot.

P.S: The wait is over and Vivek starts shooting from Sep 9th. But he would take up Yuva during october because he isn't still fit to take up the action scenes. Also MR has planned to have no songs in Yuva. Much to the talks going on, he doesn't have to follow the Ram Gopal Varma's way. For already he had thoughts of making movies with no songs during Alai Payuthey's time.

Currently :

Reading - The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It is a riddle-filled, code-breaking, exhilaratingly brainy thriller.

Listening - All That She Wants and Cruel Summer by Ace of Base.

Watching - Tempation Island 3 in FOX. Horribly sick show but it's still tempting. Reality TV you see.
The talk of the town is's review of Shankar's BOYS. It is the one of the most damaging review till day on BOYS. The review points out only Sabu Cyril's art direction and Ravi K. Chandran's cinematography as the highlights of the movie. It decides the arrival of Shankar's first failure after haf-a-dozen movies. Even Rediff's review wasn't promising enough. Am eagerly waiting to watch the movie.

These reviews could directly affect the box-office collections and might result in huge losses. Though they say that BOYS was never produced at 22 crores. And all it cost was only 10 crores max.

Monday, September 01, 2003

It was a fun filled weekend in Wisconsin Dells. As we were driving towards wis dells, we could see thousands of bikers heading towards milwaukee to participate in the Harley-Davidson Birthday Bash. It was so cool to see such a global event happening just around the corner.

Many of my Indian friends mailed me on the Boys Debate. Looks like the movie is well placed for being a hit. But many of them are still arguing it for a yet-another-movie.

Mani Ratnam is presumably done with his first schedule of Ayutha Ezhuthu. The movie might be released by Apr 2004 in Hindi and Tamil. All of it depends on Vivek Oberoi's healing up. The better rumour in this is that Rahman is out and Sandeep Chowta might be fixed in that place. However, I personally feel Mani would still go with Rahman given the rumours that were floating around before Alai Payuthey.

Talking about Alai Payuthey, I remember that whole of y'day we must have played Endrendrum Punnagai in the car for more than 20 times and the music is still fresh. AR Rahman's synthesized husky voice and the on-the-move music blend so well. Especially the Hey! Here you go rap in the song, sung by Pravin Mani is a sure highlight. I tried so hard those days to get the lyrics right and then no stopping from there. As you drive down your bike through the streets of chennai, keep singing this rap and checkout your soaring energy levels.

Here is the lyrics of Hey ! Here we go :

Hey!! Here we go
I revved up on the marches
Singing with the hip-the-hop
Once again in effect
Feel the constant
Slamming of the bassline
Never mess around with the funk
Because I'm sticking
Kicking always finger lickin
I dont need halloween
Just to be trick or trippin
Cause I'm always on top
Ki wiggudu waggudu
Jiggudu joganna
Hey Wassup !!

And if you see someone zipping in black spelndor, singing this rap aloud, say Hey Wassup. ' Cause all possibilities that it is me ;-)

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