Saturday, March 29, 2003

Pictures of War :

Time has put together a collection of best pictures that reveal the state of war. Most of them are taken by different photographers from Reuters and AP. Have a look.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Why is system design such a time consuming, eating-your-head task. I am sure the outcomes are much worthier than the toil for a perfect design. Gifted are those who are software engineers, as of now.

Hectic week ahead and I was expecting to have fun atleast during the coming weekend. Forecasts show that Mr.Snow is coming down his way this weekend spoiling the show. Snow, snow go away ;-)

Currently listening Jimi Hendrix's If 6 Was 9 from the classic album Axis : Bold as Love. Wow!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Rumbumbum :
I am writing a column for Dhwanii, an e-zine for music lovers and a journal of indian music and world music. I titled the column as Rumbumbum, a little jazzy name to explain its all about the film music. I ain't subbudu or some music critic so I don't write about music critcism. Just a commentary of contemporary and flashback film music with a balanced tone.

Offlate, I'm listening too much of illayaraja and I am convinced he is thorough maestro with a genius in him. Its like a journey through the past years that I've grown up listening to him allover.

Currently -
Listening : Yethetho Ennam from Punnagai Mannan.
Reading : Madhan's Vandhargal Vendrargal for the second time. It's the best of mughal history in tamil, ever published.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Weekend was a blast. My Friends threw a great party for my birthday on friday. Got too much of birthday bumps trying to smoke down those magic candles that never blew away and ofcourse a great dinner. And this being my first birthday out of my home, never felt lonely and nostalgic. Those guys were awesome. Earlier, had one more cake with my team in office with helium baloons all over. That was a pretty new experience to me. Thanks for all. You made up my day, a lovelier one.

We drove to Madison in Wisconsin which is 150 miles away from our place to watch India play the World Cup Finals. It turned out to be disappointing to us but we still had fun yapping through out the match and some good fresh idlis in the morning. Crashed out on sunday afternoon and when I got up, Oscars were about to finish. Missed it badly. Probably will see a recorded version of that atleast.

But still can't accept that we lost in the finals. Anyway, I was expecting the aussies to win the finals whoever played with them. And they did. Hats Off!!

Friday, March 21, 2003

Indian Ravan Fan

Just 2 minutes back, India barged into the finals of world cup cricket with tons of honour. It is going to be a tough tough match with the aussies. As sujatha said, pray to Mandira Bedi and to Ganesh Pappa.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Blog Mela :

JK is organising a blog mela today and I have nominated my blog for that. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Smiles!!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Mani Ratnam's Writings of Weapon(Ayutha Ezhuthu) :

Mani Ratnam

Mani Ratnam, the most acclaimed director of Kannathil Muthamittal is getting ready for a his next flick, supposedly a racy thriller called Ayutha Ezhuthu(Writings of Weapon). Kannathil Muthamitaal became the most popular foreign language film in the latest Palm Springs film festival. It was one of the fims which recieved more good reviews than other movies in that festival. Rumours around say he has roped Srikanth(Roja Kootam) and Surya as heroes for Ayutha Ezhuthu. One more hero is yet to be known. There is a lot of speculation about Ajith being the next one. The title Ayutha Ezhuthu has a very subtle tone of violence. In tamil it is the last character in the character set which has three dots, each opposite to one another. That explains the three heroes. But it also means Writings of Weapon because Ayutham means weapon and so we assume it a story of three dons. As a suspense, I am sure Mani Ratnam will still have something else under his sleeves for us.

Ayutha Ezhuthu also features three heroines. Trisha is sure to be one of them and others haven't been revealed. I hope Jyothika should be given a chance to prove her metal. A chance in Mani Ratnam movie is certainly a career high for these guys and I am sure they will take it right. The backdrop of the movie is still not escaped the rooms of Madras Talkies. Mani started planning this after the movie with KamalHassan got dropped due to various issues.

Srikanth, who made his impact with the debut Roja Kottam, has been lucky enough to be spotted by Mani Ratnam. His second movie April Mathathil was also a hit because of its dancy numbers and college romance. He proves to be a promising actor. Surya has already showcased his acting capabilities through his previous movies and he gets his first chance to be directed by Mani.

The music, I suppose would/should be AR Rahman. AR Rahman considering Mani Ratnam has his mentor, accepted to change his plans and did the Unity of Light in Chennai. And that relationship will also continue through the movies to come. Hope Rahman gives his best just as he did for the previous movies of Mani.

Get Ready !! Its time for one more monster of a film. He can. If not who.
The power of BLOGGING could be seen here. Kiruba Shankar had his one year old daughter admitted in hospital because she had an internal infection . He just wrote a few lines saying that he had been tied up to the hospital for the last few days and he is very worried about his daughter. Look at the comments box of this note and the comments just keeps flowing in. This is highest number of comments for a single note that I have seen ever. And thats the power of blogging or reaching out to the world. Few of these comments are from people who know him flesh & blood. Many others, including me, who have never even met him had left their comments, prayers, get well soon wishes to his daughter. I would be moved totally if I recieve such unbelievable support from faceless friends from all over the world and I sure that Kiruba too is overwhelmed.

At this rate, I am sure his daughter should be up and running in a few hours not days. Get well soon dear. You are the best. And hey Kribs, you certainly need a pat for organising Chennai Bloggers Meet.
March 12th. I could never forget this day for I know 5 people who celebrate the birthday today. It includes one very important person, my appa(dad, pop as they call). When I wished him this morning over the voice chat, he was surprised that I remembered that. It is just a normal day for him and all these years we haven't celebrated it at all. He doesn't like them though. But today, it was different. I am in different continents and its the distance that made me feel closer to home. Ironical, isn't it. Its truly ironical.

Appa never had friends, except one. And it was very sad that his friend passed away by a cardiac attack last week. I vaguely remember that friend's face. I met him some 13/14 years back when we visited his house. It is surprising to see someone like appa who just had only one friend(many acquaintances...though) in life. But thats how he is. A disciplinarian and a rebel at life, I couldn't even imagine having virtues nearer to him. I think of writing some more things here but embarrassed that he may read this note. I stop. Gayu, don't show this to appa. Please.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Wisconsin was bitterly cold. I could see snow everywhere unlike Chicago. We had a great time while coming back from Illinois. It was snowing like mad all around and we couldn't see anything five feet further while driving. I longed for these snow filled days during the sultury summer of chennai and had enough snow than what I wanted. As one of my friend remarked, it was like travelling through the starfield simulation screensaver of windows. Snowflakes kept flowing in towards the car and it was all white outside. Illayaraja's melodies however eased our moods and his famous number germaniyin senthen malarae(germany's redhoneyflower...bad transalation)added color to the B&W Snow outside.

I could see snowman decorated at the gates of most of the houses. Kids have fun by building snow man. They take huge volumes of snow by rolling it they make a snow ball. Snowmans have awesome varieties. Some with sun glasses, shawls(desi snow-mans have dupattas around their necks) and carrot stuffed eyes. Others are with just leaves as noses and eyes. Well, every climate has some play stuff for the people here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The agony of waiting for success after series of failures is intolerable. Even as you know you will emerge successful the next time, the wait time eats your head off. You are shackled till then and you become insecure of other variables that may peep in to ensure the next attempt is also a failure. Enjoy insane accusations and pointless monologues till then. I am.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Chennai Bloggers Meet is happening today and I am missing it bigtime. Organised for the second time by Kiruba, it is going to be a great event. It's happening at Cozee, Besant Nagar Beach. Make sure you are there because Chennai Bloggers Rock!!.

Jenniffer Arul from NDTV and Sudhish Kamath of The Hindu have the press invites. It's happening. I'm missing...

Sunday, March 09, 2003

final call
unconscious tears
soldier son good-bye.

Saw thousands of brave ladies/gentlemen leave for war in a warship(Last night in CNN).
Thought of a Haiku.Rightaway.
Finally tasted masala dosa and sambar after nearly two months. For birthday treat of some of my friends, we had been to an Indian restaurant named after a place in mumbai, Chowpatti, which serves delicious home made food but makes a BIG hole in your wallet. Pav Bhaji Dosa was new to me. Check out some reviews on this place.

Offlate, Lemonade has become my favourite drink and I am drinking my way to glory. I hope we get such good lemonades back in India.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Hard work is like a yorker, either it pitches after the crease to hit the stumps or sixer..gone. phew!!
Here is my boyz version to the poem written by nidhi in her Sunshine blog. Thanks to Kavitha !!

If I asked, would you be loyal?
And when you do, would you stay forever?
To hold my hand through my code bugs
Make me laugh through my ephemeral idiocies...

Wipe my tears through another
job firing ?
Or cook me potato curry
on a tiring monday?
Or add some colors
to my rascally ppt's?

Would you remind me
about the boisterous boy inside?
Or just let me play
the husband?

If I asked...

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Jeethega Jeethega!!!

Just how Sachin had cramps while running like a lightning between the wickets, my throat suffered major strains as I shouted and cheered every run of the Indian team. It is now non-cooperating to stay in form. The crowd roared in sheer joy after getting intoxicated by the Sachin's diwali celebration against Pakistan on saturday. The fireworks happened within the first 20 overs and whatever happened after that is history. As Sachin limped towards the pavilion, cricket lovers across the world were convinced once again that he is the epitome of modern day cricket. His swashbuckling innings proved to be the one of best of batting performances ever. Meanwhile, Mr.Crease Stuck, none other than Dravid occupied the crease till he swatted the final boundary of Waqar's ball, showing his exemplary character in batting.

To repeat my version of the match report is crime. Its been the breath of India since saturday. But I have a different perspective altogether. Packed inside a huge hall of a India/Pak restaurant in a suburb of chicago, were 600 people from both the countries, praying single-mindedly for the Sachin vs Akthar magic. It started on the friday night by 1:45 am early morning and ended by saturday morning by 9 am. For every run of the 500+ runs scored and every wicket captured on that day, there were cheers from both the sides. Even here we had fans who had painted flags in their faces and with flags as two horns upon their heads. If I would have been in India, I would have watched it with just Indians. But this was a totally different experience. It was like sitting in an indoor cricket stadium loacted inbetween the borders of India/Pak in Kashmir. It sent chills to my spine. As expected, nothing happened. Nobody fought and it was a well disciplined effort by both sides not to mock at each other but to cheer up their country. Good show guys!!. Way to go.

Shouts heard during the match:

a) Jeethega Jeethega...Pakistan Jeethega
b) Jeethega Jeethega...India Jeethega
c) Ganapathy Paa Moriya....
d) East or West, India wins March First
e) Bharath Matha Ki Jai
f) Sachin Tendulkar ki Jai
g) Saaed Anwar ki Jai
h) Vaande Matharam
i) Maa thuje Salam
k) Jum para para para para para....huuuu haaaaa...huuuuu haaaa (keep saying this continously in a loop)

Finally as we saw Sachin taking the golden watch for the man-of-the-match, we knew we are going to having a peaceful sleep on that saturday morning.

Tail Piece: This blog, scribbles of the lazy geek, celebrates one year of blogging. Some more on this...sometime this week.

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