Wednesday, March 10, 2004

He who comes back just after his marriage is not afraid of hot babes :

Apologize me to copy the tag-line of Shankar's Anniyan. The original tagline goes like this- He who comes from hell is not afraid of hot ashes. The red tint in the promos and the teaser gives an eerie look to the movie. But the black devilish coat of Vikram and the long axe in his hand are similar to the killer costume of the film I know what you did last summer and is misleading many to think that Anniyan is a remake of this English thriller.

As the news reports say Anniyan is renamed title of Robot. It was originally proposed to star Kamalhassan and was supposed to be shot for 2 years. Since Kamal later dropped off from the project because of the long shoot time. Two years would be costly time for any star to work in one project. It is said that Shankar changed the name and a little bit of story to shorten the production schedule.

But for Vikram this is the longest running call sheet ever. In his interview he remarked that he has allocated more than 100 days continuously for Anniyan. With Shankar roping Harris Jayaraj in place of A R Rahman, the music industry and the fans are out to see how Harris Jayaraj fills the Rahman vacuum in a Shankar film.

Ever since I saw Atharmam (the film by film institute students starring Murali and Nasser on the life of Veerappan), I was sure that Manikandan's camera eye would be rewarded. Here is his biggest break to work with Shankar on a movie with a different feel. I am sure Manikandan would be among the top cinematographers list after Shankar's Anniyan.

Writer Sujatha is back with his dialogues after his street smart, controversial dialogues in Boys. But 'Jeyam' Sada as the heroine makes me a little curious about her role. Probably she has a good role to play.

As Sujatha remarks in Katrathum Petrathum, Shankar's Anniyan should be out for the coming Diwali. We all have a curious diwali ahead to celebrate with Anniyan.

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